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Monday, February 8, 2010

Blogshop for today 6**Art start with scarf

Salam semua

Cuci mata, cuci mata.. Best kan ;))

Hehehe.. Back to the main thing. Another blogshop for today is........

Ni pon another new blogshop. Sekarang memang trend kan pakai layout yang white plain. Bagus2..The image will be more clearer tau ;)

Clear kan..clear kan :)

A story about this blogshop. 
Diaorang memang pencinta paisley. Miss TSD tooo!! Paisley make u hotter..Awwww ^_^. And more Indian like. Coolll!! Design dia pon batik2 semuanya. Ada yang hitam plain and ada batik line at the front. Huh..To all plain lovers, apa kata try design yang macam ni pulak. Kan cool..Ubah trend sikit ^-^

Haa..Kan lawa nih ;)

Secara overall..The colour and pattern of the shawls mmg cool lah ;) To art start with scarf, moga sales you akan masyuk habis-habis tau!! ^_^

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